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Sharon Werner

Loan Administrator/Risk Management


Sharon has more than 35 years of career experience in loan administration and Letters of Credit. She joined TSG in 2013 and handles all loan and risk management functions for the company. As the Loan Administrator, she works with lenders, legal counsel and the financial analysts for the financing of new and existing projects, as well as the acquisition and sales of all TSG properties. 

For Risk Management, Sharon is responsible for coordinating the appropriate insurance coverage and managing claims for TSG and the associated company properties. In addition, she ensures that all entities remain active with the applicable Secretary of State departments and also manages the administration of lease documents, property tax returns, debt compliance reporting and distribution of financial statements. Sharon assists the Leasing Agents in obtaining the required approvals and/or amendments for new leases and outlot sales.

Prior to joining TSG, she served as Loan Administrator for 8 years with THF Realty, Inc. and also held similar positions, including Letters of Credit, with Bank Midwest and Bank of America.

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Sharon Werner


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